2013 Caux Conferences

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After five years of the Caux Forum, Caux 2013 saw a different approach. The Forum focused on five elements of human security:

With the growing network of people active in the work of the Forum, it was clear that each of these topics deserved more detailed attention. So this year the overall conference theme was:

Caux Initiatives for Human Security – a People-Centred Approach

29 June – 3 July - Just Governance; exploring the structures and personal qualities which  promote ethical, inclusive governance

3 – 7 July - Healing History; overcoming racism, seeking equity, building community

7 – 11 July - Caux Dialogue on Land and Security; sharing experience and building partnerships to restore land, lives and peace

13 – 19 July - Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy; towards economic justice and environmental sustainability

24  – 30 July - Children as Actors for Transforming Society; making children’s participation work

1 – 6 August - Learning to Live in a Multicultural World; building trust for action across generations

7–12 August - Seeds of inspiration; people sharing the inspiration that has shaped their lives

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Ambassador Mohamed Sahnoun

Chair, Caux Forum for Human Security

Just Governance leaflet

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