Report on 2014 Caux conference for Just Governance


A 12-page report of the Caux conference on Just Governance for Human Security is now available. The report carries extracts from the discussions in plenaries and workshops, including the comments of Michael Møller, Director-General of the UN at Geneva in a plenary on 'Trust as a key to peace'; the Russian-Ukrainian statement which emerged from their joint workshops; and the search for solutions to conflict in the Sahel which brought leaders of Mali, Chad and Niger to Caux.

One of the Sahel leaders was Dr Gali N'Gothe MP, President of Chad's Economic and Planning Commission. ‘My life has been punctuated by arrest and prison,’ he said, ‘and when I first came to Caux I was filled with hatred and destructive forces. As a victim of the regime of Hissen Habre, I was determined to put him on trial. But the exchanges which took place here changed me, and my response to the injustice of the past has also changed. Maybe there is a different way to achieve justice.’

The French-language version of this report is available here >>

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