The Human Factor in Just Governance

The program caters for people active in the struggle for human security. It focuses on the personal qualities and skills which enable each person to be effective in that struggle. It does this principally through sharing relevant experience in well-facilitated sessions, large and small. Plenaries focus on themes relevant to all, such as trust-building. Workshops offer in-depth exploration of specific concerns and situations. The combination of short contributions from speakers, interactive plenaries and participatory workshops gives everyone an opportunity to contribute to the subject under discussion. Experts lead sessions on topics such as mediation, cross-cultural teamwork and anti-corruption strategies.


For further information on the topics we address, download the 2016 Preliminary Programme or view our 2016 conference report.




Daily reflections

For many people a daily time of reflection is an essential source of wisdom and direction. Each morning before breakfast there will be such a time, comprising a short input followed by a time of collective silence. The conference programme will include plenty of space each day for informal interaction over meals and at other times, and to enjoy walks amidst the magnificent natural beauty of Caux.

Evening programmes

These will include films, live entertainment, and a ‘marketplace’ where participants can display information about their own organisations and initiatives.

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