Andree De Leon, Communities Officer


Chicago, USA


Andree De Leon was born and raised in Illinois, USA. She is currently working at a digital marketing company in the heart of Chicago in finance and HR. Andree has obtained her BA in Psychology and minor in Kinesiology from University of Illinois at Chicago. She has volunteered and worked with NGO's and universities over the past 8 years with medical & dental mission trips to China, the Philippines, Costa Rica and Ecuador. In her spare time, you can find her eating, traveling, playing tennis, biking, snowboarding, and attempting to learn new languages.


This will be Andree's third time coming to Caux and working with the Communities group. Andree believes that working at the micro level is the key to a peaceful and sustainable government. The Caux conferences are a time where people all over the world can come together humbly,  connect and learn from one another. She finds is truly inspiring to be in an atmosphere with people who share their knowledge and experience to better the world.


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