The Caux Forum for Human Security, held in the picturesque Swiss alpine village of Caux, was initiated by Ambassador Mohamed Sahnoun, formerly a Special Advisor to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

More than ever, the complexity of the world's problems demands a new level of cooperation between actors from different fields. A multi-sector, multi-level approach has been a feature of Caux conferences for over 60 years. The holistic approach of the Forum enables the cross-pollination of thinking and experience between the interdependent aspects of human security.

The first annual Caux Forum, 18-23 July 2008, brought together some 300 people from 52 countries. They included those working at the 'grassroots' and leaders in their respective fields. During the 5-day conference, led by 25 expert panelists, they addressed the ‘root causes’ of human insecurity under six headings: social and economic conditions, armed conflicts, environmental factors, good governance and the rule of law, wounded memories, religious and cultural dimensions. This was envisaged as the first in a series of five or more annual events.

The second annual Caux Forum, 17-22 July 2009, opened with a keynote address by Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan. It brought together 300 people from 69 countries working for peace and human security at all levels. The event confirmed the decision to create a ‘Caux Declaration’ (later re-titled 'Caux Call to Action').

The third annual Caux Forum, 9-16 July 2010, brought together 350 people active on human security. The sense of urgency pervading the deliberations is expressed in the Caux Call to Action 2010 which was supported by the Forum.

The fourth annual Caux Forum, 10-17 July 2011 continued the agenda, including a whole day under the theme of restoring Earth's degraded land.

The fifth annual Caux Forum for Human Security,  8-15 July 2012. 

The first annual Just Governance for Human Security conference, July 2013

The second annual Just Governance for Human Security conference, July 2014

The third annual Just Governance for Human Security conference, July 2015

The fourth annual Just Governance fo Human Security conference will take place from 12-17 July, 2016. All are welcome. Please register here



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