Thursday, April 21, 2016

Call for international involvement for Switzerland's 'Just Governance for Human Security' conference

The 2016 Just Governance for Human Security annual conference will take place from July 12-17 in Switzerland. The Caux Foundation plans to kickoff the summer conferences by celebrating seventy years of Initiatives of Change operating at Caux. The 2016 theme for the summer conference season is migration, and Just Governance’s approach to this focuses on the “Human Factor in Just Governance."



To bring together people looking to explore the root causes of human insecurity, to learn from each other’s experience and develop strategies for specific situations; hoping to make the goals of human security a reality. We plan to address the pressing challenge of migration, tackling corruption, and healing the wounds of history through an agenda for reconciliation and learning practical skills including mediation, trustbuilding, and facilitation



1. Challenge of Migration.

In focusing on the challenge of migration we will hear both from refugees and those welcoming refugees, overcoming tensions and viewing refugees as rebuilders of sustainable peace in their homelands.

2. Tackling Corruption.

On tackling corruption, we will hear from people working to expose and end corruption in extractive industries, in governments, and in commercial life, and looking at how individuals engaging with this struggle can be supported and sustained. The conference will have in attendance people from situations of tension and conflict, often from two sides of a dispute.

3. Agenda for Reconciliation.

Through our agenda for reconciliation, we will enter into dialogue aimed as discovering new paths towards resolution and peace through unlocking new trustbuilding skills.

4. Skills for trustbuilding.

Embracing good governance by unlocking new trustbuilding skills, taking active steps and building personal and professional toolkits to include mediation skills from the UN, facilitation skills, and learning how to engage in dialogue with one another on a more effective level based on trust.

We are looking for academics, government officials, journalists and media relations, NGO representatives, civil society, students and young professionals to participate and register in this conference providing a platform for conversations, training and dialogue and support further international initiatives. Find out more and register now!


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