Corruption can be defeated

Integrity in governance

Corruption and the abuse of power sow distrust in societies of North and South. They are major causes of conflict. Only governance which is accountable to all citizens, minorities an majorities alike, offers a path to lasting peace.

The Forum heard from people are confronting corruption in their countries - and often paying a high personal price to do so

Selection of perspectives from the Forum

The healing logic of The Commons - David Bollier, USA, Co-founder, the Commons Strategy Group

Indian experiences on governance - Rajmohan Gandhi, India, former President of IofCInternational, historian and biographer of MK Gandhi

Inclusive governance for shared growth - P S Bawa, India, Chair, Transparency International, India

Lessons learnt – a reflection - Farai Maguwu, Zimbabwe, Director, Centre for Research and Development, Mutare, Zimbabwe

The role of governance in democracy and development - T S Krishna Murthy, India, Former Chief Election Commissioner, India

Les ressources de l’Afrique – malédiction ou bénédiction ? (French) - Moïse Nyarugabo Muhizi, République Démocratique du Congo, Senateur

Infrastructures for Peace - latest developments - Paul van Tongeren, Netherlands, Project Leader, World Peace Festival; Honorary Chair, Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict

Human Security and the Responsibility to Protect - Mohamed Sahnoun, Algeria, Chair, Caux Forum for Human Security, former Special Advisor to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan

The power and limits of the Responsibility to Protect - Cornelio Sommaruga, Switzerland, former President, International Committee of the Red Cross

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