Thursday, February 25, 2016


Dialogue on Just Governance 2016, Asia Plateau

Nationally and globally we confront unprecedented challenges – the threat of runaway climate change, the largest number of refugees since the Second World War, widespread landlessness and economic inequalities, the growth of movements using extreme violence to achieve their aims.

Governments should not cope on their own. We have a whole new level of citizen responsibility. Countries should not cope on their own. We have a whole new level of global responsibility. Many of us want to take responsibility, but we don’t know how.

This dialogue examined how we could each play our part in creating a quality of just society adequate to meet the challenges we face. It focussed on the human attitudes which are at the root of these challenges – apathy, greed, blame, fear of taking responsibility. We heard people from many countries finding new attitudes, overcoming corruption, transforming conflict, and pioneering sustainable living.

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Day One: Inauguration
Day Two: Just Governance is not Just for Governments
Day Three: Addressing Attitudes of Exclusion - refugees, the marginalised, and the displaced
Day Four: Peace and Reconciliation - exploring innovative approaches
Day Five: Harvesting the Dialogue
Biographies of Inauguration Speakers


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