Framing the conversation...

Robust Analysis. Honest Dialogue. Forgiveness and healing. Partnership.

There are numerous individuals and groups working to advance human security in its different forms. At the same time, collectively we are held back: by different understandings of what constitutes human security; different understandings of ‘interests’, ‘rights’ and ‘responsibilities’; philosophical, economic, cultural and religious divides; an underlying deficit of trust; and much else. Too often we see creative initiatives founder in frustration, cynicism and bitterness.

Cooperation is vital at all levels. Projects to advance human security call for cultural understanding, political awareness, resources, technical expertise, appropriate systems. Without cooperation between people skilled in each aspect of the challenge, they break down.

Different initiatives across the world hold clues to what is needed – in resources, technical expertise, systems, character and spirit – in order to unlock a new understanding of human security and the common interest.

A shared platform: Caux-creating human security.

At the heart of the Forum design is a participatory and emergent approach. Participatory because each person brings valuable knowledge and insights to the table, and emergent because the interaction of these contributions draws out new directions. Through a combination of short contributions from speakers, change-making case-studies and interactive sessions, we seek to co-create new approaches to human security challenges.

The daily schedule for the Caux Forum illustrates our philosophy in practice. With an emphasis on conversation and discussion rather than speeches, we hope to facilitate genuine dialogue among a very diverse group of individuals, all active in promoting human security around the world.

An invitation

We invite you to join the conversation: seeking inner wisdom, reflecting on the role of personal responsibility and integrity; creating relationships of trust; discerning together where this is guiding us towards action, individually and collectively; and thereby making practical the concept of a coalition of conscience capable of advancing human security across the world.

Key Guiding Principles for Plenary Presenters

Allow Space for Conversation:

With an emphasis on conversation and discussion rather than speeches, we hope to facilitate genuine dialogue among a very diverse group of individuals throughout the entire Forum. For our plenary sessions, we invite a panel of speakers to each give some brief opening remarks, and then a moderator will lead them in a panel discussion, drawing out each panelist’s experience and enabling interaction between them. Presenters will be given a signal when their time is up to ensure all are given equal time to speak. This format will enable each presenter to give more input than would be possible in a purely presentational plenary.

Focus on the Human Dimension:

We say in the Forum brochure, ‘Progress towards human security is often blocked more by entrenched attitudes and difficult relationships than by the technical demands. The purpose of the Caux Forum is to address these blocks’. We encourage presenters to explore what this looks like in practice, focusing on the inner strengths and blocks that enable or hinder us in our work to promote human security worldwide.

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