Friday, March 3, 2017

NEW IN 2017

What does it mean to have freedom from fear or want? humansecurityX provides the foundation needed to address the ‘Six Pillars of Human Security’ and identify threats to basic human security in one’s community and beyond as we face today's global challenges. 




HumansecurityX is a parallel certificate training course offered during the summer event. Created and led by the organizing team, HumansecurityX offers participants an in depth exploration of the Just Governance Six Pillars of Human Security: good governance, inclusive economics, care for refugees, food security, healing memory and sustainability. 




The objective of the course is to provide a structured approach and understanding of human security threats around the world, while engaging participants in all aspects of the summer event programme. You will:

  • Grow in deeper in understanding human security

  • Develop new skills, techniques and approaches to overcoming the struggle of human security

  • Create and implement effective and alternative solutions in the human security sector and commit to action by developing post-course initiatives

  • Access a network of fellow experts and practitioners working in the field of human security, build relationships across silos

  • Be given the space to reflect on your individual role in addressing the Six Pillars of Human Security and other topics suchs as trustbuilding, overcoming oppression, integrity, violent extremism, etc.



Consists of attending the morning sessions: 'Peacebuilders in Action'; morning plenaries on our daily themes with expert panelists, attending specific workshops and sessions related to the Six Pillars of Human Security to address how to identify threats to human security in one's community, nation, and the world; diverse and engaging evening programmes and more!




Anyone interested in diving deeper into human security issues. All registrants attending the forum are welcome if you wish to the complete the track and receive a certificate. 

*Scholarship is available for 7-35 year olds, please contact us if you meet the age requirements. Limited spaces - register now and tell us you are interested!



It is a great option for someone attending the forum and Caux for the first time as well as seasoned change-makers looking to go deeper into human security as we face today's global challenges. You will become equipped with new learnings, inspired by building relationships with an international cohort, and will grow in deeper understanding of human security issues. 



Stay tuned for more information - coming March 2017!



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