Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Pillar Peacebuilding Approach:

Women as drivers towards the








A weekend retreat offered by Just Governance for Human Security, part of the Caux Forum.

In the first event of its kind, the Forum for Just Governance for Human Security is proud to be hosting “The Pillar Peacebuilding Approach: Women as drivers towards the Sustainable Development Goals” – a weekend retreat at Villa Maria, Caux, aimed at bringing together female participants from various fields to explore, through the lens of Human Security, the critical role women play in the pursuit of the SDGs.

The retreat, which will take place from 26th – 29th April 2018, highlights women’s efforts to positively contribute to their communities and address the world’s most pressing issues. 30 peacebuilding women will use activities and conversations, story-telling, reflection, and problem solving to link the UN Sustainable Development Goals with the Six Pillars of Human Security: good governance, social inclusion, sustainable living, healing memory, food security and inclusive economics.  They will focus on sharing successes, hurdles, strategies, and goals, and delve holistically into the difference women are making across their chosen fields and beyond.

If you are interested in taking part in this event or have any female colleagues you think would benefit from it, please visit this website for more information and a link to the Eventbrite page.

This weekend retreat would not be possible without the support of sponsor Rose McInerney, founder of – JGHS thanks Rose for her generous contribution and ongoing support of women in development across the globe.

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