Shontaye Abegaz | Global Forum Coordinator 

Executive Committee Member, Chicago, USA

Born and raised in the United States, Shon has also lived in Europe and Africa. She has been a devoted volunteer for various organizations since adolescence and her interests include: peace builder, intercultural dialogue, human security and good governance. Volunteer work began for Shon with Initiatives of Change in Washington DC in 2004 where she was immediately struck by the inclusiveness and ‘global thinking’ by everyone she met. Shon was drawn to the focus on the human factor in global change as a unique aspect of Caux and believes it is impossible to tackle the topic of human security without focusing on the human factor. Shon’s contribution to the Caux Conferences began in 2011 with the Human Security Forum. She has since grown with the Just Governance for Human Security forum beginning with its first year in 2013. Shon has held various roles within the forum and currently serves as its global Coordinator.

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Ashley Müller | Communications Coordinator 

Executive Committee Member, Oxford, United Kingdom

Ashley Müller has worked for Initiatives of Change at different levels in Canada, the UK, Switzerland, India since 2014. She currently sits on the Executive Committee as the Communications Coordinator for Just Governance for Human Security, a global event exploring human security by addressing extremes of all kinds and developing their human potential for global change. She also sits on the Advisory Board as National Coordinator of Creators of Peace UK, a programme that empowers women to be equipped as peace-builders. Finally, she operates as a consultant for Initiatives of Change UK in Programme Development in Oxford. With a university background in Political Science and International Development, Ashley contains extensive international experience and cross-cultural exposure. She is originally from Canada, raised in Taiwan, holds a Swiss passport and speaks Mandarin Chinese.

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Yara Zgheib | Chair, humansecurityX 

Executive Committee Member, St. Louis, USA

Born in Lebanon, Yara has traveled and lived in Glasgow, Washington DC, Paris, and now Saint Louis. As a Fulbright scholar, she obtained a Masters degree in Security Studies from Georgetown University. She then wrote her doctoral dissertation on natural resource extraction and just governance in developing countries, at the Hautes Ecoles Politiques de Paris. She is also a published author, blogger of Aristotle at Afternoon Tea, and avid traveler. Yara first came to Caux as an intern in 2011, and has been involved with IofC ever since. It is the people, and the ideas they espouse, that draw her back each year. Caux is a place where ideas become projects and dreams become achievable goals. At the Just Governance Conference in particular, the conversation transcends racial, religious, and political differences. It is about finding real solutions to global issues that affect us all, and it is an honor to be a part of that.



Nahom Haile | Graphic Designer 

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Nahom is a 26 year old Ethiopian who's eyes light up for a good cup of coffee, gets a sense of security and comfort from fellow humans, always thrilled of being in a new place, never misses on the opportunity to impact more than one self and appreciate the intricate designs in nature and human creations. After being introduced to Initiatives of Change through the Caux interns program four years ago, Nahom has been involved in different capacities with IofC and non IofC projects driven by the same cause to bring and sustain lasting change for the good.  Currently he works as a Creative Director for an advertising firm in Ethiopia and as a Regional Communications Coordinator for the World Peace Initiative Foundation.

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Jonathan Dudding | Caux Design Team

 London, United Kingdom

Jonathan Dudding has been working internationally as a trainer and facilitator for over twenty years. Trained by the Institute of Cultural Affairs and specializing in their methods (now  known as the Technology of Participation), Jonathan has worked extensively in Europe, Africa and the Middle East with governments, international, national and local organizations. In  addition to facilitating large and small events and training others in facilitation, Jonathan also offers advice and support on how to incorporate participatory approaches into sectors  where the value of participation is less recognized. Jonathan’s involvement with Caux started in 2011 to help with the design and to provide training and support to the facilitators of  various Caux Conference. He is now a full member of the Caux Design Team. Jonathan has also worked with Initiatives of Change outside Caux, with ICA:UK working in partnership with  Caux-IofC to run courses on Facilitation in Geneva. 



Andree De Leon | Community Group Officer 

Chicago, USA

Andree De Leon was born and raised in Illinois, USA. She is currently working at a digital marketing company in the heart of Chicago in finance and HR. Andree has obtained her BA in Psychology and minor in Kinesiology from University of Illinois at Chicago. She has volunteered and worked with NGO's and universities over the past nine years with medical & dental mission trips to China, the Philippines, Costa Rica and Ecuador. In her spare time, you can find her eating, traveling, playing tennis, biking, snowboarding, and attempting to learn new languages. This will be Andree's fourth time coming to Caux and working with the Communities group. Andree believes that working at the micro level is the key to a peaceful and sustainable government. She finds is truly inspiring to be in an atmosphere with people who share their knowledge and experience to better the world.




Salma Moustafa Khalil | Community Group Officer

Cairo, Egypt

Salma Moustafa Khalil is from Egypt and is currently a MA Student of Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam. Her research, in this Master’s and before, has been centered around Agency and people’s perception and interaction with systems and institutions governing them, or more generally, the State. She has been part of Initiatives of Change since 2010, as part of the Conference Operations department, and has worked closely with the Just Governance for Human Security team over the years. Her interests and the event topics are increasingly aligned and is excited to learn from the forum while contributing to it. 




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