Thursday, 07 June, 2012

Від діялогу до порозуміння

Незагоєна історія має властивість повторюватись...

Wednesday, 06 June, 2012
Ethical Leadership Workshop in Surdest, Romania

Between 30 March and 5 April, 2012 an Ethical Leadership Workshop took place in Surdesti, a village near Baia Mare, Romania, where an active Initiatives of Change team called Club for Young Leaders is working towards developing a better understanding and promoting of value-based leadership. 'I might have learned here in a few days more than in 15 years in school', said one participant.

Wednesday, 06 June, 2012

|link=none|align=left|width=144|height=97]This workshop, by Catalina Quiroz and Maria-Ines Arratia from The Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA Spain), will explore the pivotal question of how to empower women's leadership in civil society. Given the importance and topicality of the issue, the summer workshop will have a follow-up, in-depth training.

Thursday, 31 May, 2012

Cet atelier, proposé par Catalina Quiroz et Maria-Ines Arratia de l'Institut des Affaires Culturelles (ICA Espagne), se penchera sur cette question cruciale. Vu l'importance et l'actualité du sujet, l'atelier de l’été sera suivi d’une formation organisée au printemps prochain.

Wednesday, 23 May, 2012
Cristina Comer

'It was not until November 2009 that I learned of my family’s involvement with a brutal system of torture and death. From that moment on, I knew I would never be the same.' Cristina Comer writes about her work with the film Slavery by Another Name.

Wednesday, 23 May, 2012
Mohan Bhagwandas

What message does Initiatives of Change (IofC) have for those working with the hard realities of business and the markets? Melbourne-based Mohan Bhagwandas is the International Coordinator of IofC’s ‘Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy’ programme. He maps out the background to its development:

Tuesday, 22 May, 2012
Participants of the All Africa Conference in a session

More than 80 delegates from over 10 countries in Africa and beyond, gathered during the All Africa Conference in Cameroon to explore the dynamism that youth have in creating a bright future for generations to come.

Tuesday, 08 May, 2012
Dr Nagia Abdelmoghney Said

Suresh Mathew meets some of the Egyptians who are working to build trust amid the fires of revolutionary change.

Saturday, 05 May, 2012

Cameroon, the land of Promise as they call it, has created an opportunity for passionate African change makers to take stock of what has been the history of Africa, celebrate its potential and build a future they want to see!


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