Friday, July 1, 2016

The Skills of Negotiation Workshop with Paul Gutteridge

Paul Gutteridge is a coach, trainer, facilitator, and expert in negotiation. In this workshop, Paul will be focusing on non verbal communication, behavioural analysis, and coaching through difficult conversations. Paul is currently studying with academics and advisors to international law enforcement agencies in this field.  With three areas of focus: coaching, training, facilitating, Paul will help you identify your goals and how to make them happen, equip you with the tools to excel as you move ahead and give you an edge when negotiating, interviewing or investigating. Paul will be applying the latest research from non-verbal communications will help you get the best deal, with remaining true to ethics, and analyse the credibility of others'. Paul works internationall with senior leaders and teams across the commercial, political, and third sectors as well as speaking to leaders on the use of behavioural analysis in negotiation settings.

"I believe in creating trust before bringing change."


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