Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hello everyone,

Happy Peace week! In different parts of the world people are celebrating or marking this week with different events. One of the biggest on the global scale will be on Friday 21 September which is recognized as international peace day. Some of you may have heard that people are trying to promote this day as an international truce day, saying, 'if we can have peace one day, why can’t we have it everyday.'

There has been momentum growing around this and the Peace One Day organization has been inviting individuals and organizations to participate in any way they can.

See their website, http://peaceoneday.org/ Some organizations are doing some pretty interesting things and perhaps next year we could join in our own unique way as well. IofC in the Netherlands is actually holding an event partnered with other organizations on Wednesday the 19th called Powered by Peace. It will also promote Peace Day.

This year however, the promotion of Peace Day could use all the help it can get. You may have noted on our Facebook page that we have supported the day through a 'Thunderclap' which is a way of voicing online support to the Day.

Otherwise, just check out the website on your own, or even see if there are any events organized by others taking place near you.

This is just an example of an exciting initiative that people are coming together about. It is a sign that different NGOs and people can collaborate when necessary. I encourage everyone who can to look into it!

Rainer Gude
Chargé de Mission
Initiatives of Change International

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