Monday, October 15, 2012

Farmers’ Dialogue, an associate member of Initiatives of Change – International, is aiming at mobilising and helping farmers to fulfil their role in producing food, reducing poverty, protecting the environment and natural resources. Those responsible for the programme in Africa have expressed the need of a 'training of trainers', in order to learn about and how to use training and animation tools and be able to run training meetings in their local situation. This will make the programme more sustainable at the African level and give more opportunities to respond to requests coming from outside Farmers’ Dialogue. Training will take place 1-7 November in Nyahururu, Kenya.

Training with Farmers' Dialogue facilitators in Rwanda (Photo: Claude Bourdin)The course is intended to give to the participants a basic knowledge of tools to conduct and facilitate week-end and shorter training sessions aiming at mobilising local farmers in the spirit and in the initiatives of Farmers’ Dialogue.

The course will focus on questions linked with team-building, personal commitment, reconciliation (which is often a key to local development), in order to equip trainees with the essential skills to address the questions of rural development and agriculture.

The course will strengthen the ability of our African teams to develop, mobilise and take on initiatives, locally and together.

The participants to the 'Training of Trainers' have committed themselves to run at least two week-end workshops with local farmers in their region in the following year. After these workshops the participants will be given certificates confirming their competence.

Some of them may be called on help to assist other countries where the programme is just beginning and needs support.

The course will enable more partnership with local and African NGOs active on the questions of rural development

For more information please download the attached PDF.

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