The second annual Caux Forum for Human Security

A conversation in Caux, Switzerland 17-22 July 2009

The second Caux Forum brought together 300 people from 69 countries working for peace and human security at all levels. It was opened with a keynote address by HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan.

Alongside diplomats and UN officials, business and cultural leaders, participants included those doing effective grass-roots work, media professionals active in human security concerns, experts in climate change, and leaders of civil society organizations. Attendance was by personal invitation only due to space availability.

Through panel discussions, strategy workshops, regional dialogues and creative examples of citizen action, the conversation addressed four urgent priorities:

  1. Dealing with the global economic challenge
  2. Dealing with the global climate change challenge
  3. Strengthening the fundamental conditions of good governance - national and international
  4. Deepening cultural dialogue and understanding

The Forum is envisaged not merely as an annual event, but as an ongoing initiative, spanning five years or more.

Forum Objectives
  • To create a learning environment focused on answering basic human needs
  • To model a values-based approach to human security, emphasizing listening and attention to past hurts
  • To generate a new dynamic in diplomacy by inspiring collaboration between citizens and leaders in action for peace, human security and sustainable development
  • To develop the potential of Caux as a resource for human security initiatives 
Intended Outcomes
  • A Caux Declaration
  • Initiatives to strengthen global partnerships and coalitions for human security
  • Increased resources, needed to expand actions stemming from Caux Forums

The 2009 Forum confirmed the decision to create a Caux Declaration, to be informed by extensive international consultation.

You are invited to download PDF files of the 2009 Caux Forum Report (in English and French, 5Mb), 2009 Programme (550Kb), a compilation of 2009 Media Coverage (1Mb), the Message from Rabbi Awraham Soetendorp (533Kb) and selected speeches, including the full text of the 2009 Keynote Address (704Kb) by HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan (below left, with Swiss Ambassador Thomas Greminger).

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