Here is a selection of comments made during the plenary discussions. Please note the speeches available for download in PDF from some of these participants:


Lucy Nusseibeh : Palestine, Director, Middle East Non-violence and Democracy
Only by looking in the mirror and acknowledging our own wrongdoing, the fact we are perpetrators as well as victims, can we create space for deeper dialogue, and pave the way for peace. 

Marc Gopin : USA, Director, Center for World Religions, Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution, George Mason University 
If 300 Taliban in Pakistan behead someone it becomes global news. But when 300,000 Sufi Muslims dance non-violently in Pakistan, no-one hears about it. The problem is not with religion but with the weaponization of religion by States. States need to stop using religious people – Muslims, Jews or Christians – as bombs. <Download his speech>

Jemma Kumba : Sudan, Governor, Western Equatoria State, Southern Sudan
I leave Caux with a new thinking and new ideas. As a person who has been traumatized by conflict throughout my life, the level of my trauma has been reduced because I met a friend here who listened to my story.

Farooq Sattar MNA (MP) : Pakistan, Federal Minister for Overseas Pakistanis 
There is deep mistrust between the two peoples of South Asia. The cherished goals of peace, security and development will remain elusive till we learn to trust each other. Pakistan’s founder, Muhammed Ali Jinnah, called for plurality and diversity. For plurality to survive and diversity to prosper we need a global covenant. We have gathered here to forge a coalition of conscience. <Download his speech>

Jakob Finci : Bosnia Herzegovina, Ambassador to Switzerland; President, Jewish Community of Bosnia Herzegovina
After the Bosnian war, leaders of the Islamic, Jewish, Serbian Orthodox and Catholic communities signed a joint statement, expressing our shared moral values and calling for truth and justice as the way toward reconciliation. Now we need something more powerful – a covenant, made open-endedly by parties who come together in a bond of loyalty and trust to achieve together what none can achieve alone – diversity with unity.

Spyros Stephou : Cyprus, former Deputy Director of Customs
I fought for the independence of Cyprus from the British, exploding many bombs in the port of Famagusta. At the same time, my wife and I fought each other because of my gambling and drinking. Here at Caux I decided to become honest with my wife, risking divorce, and with my boss, risking imprisonment. The positive effect at home and work gave me hope that our national divisions could be overcome. I now represent my political party in the dialogue between the Greek and Turkish communities.

Marc Raphael Guedj : Switzerland, President, Fondation Racines et Sources
My involvement in inter-religious dialogue for peace has led to change within myself. I am a child of the Jewish people. But if I think of that as monolithic, my identity becomes dangerous. Dialogue enables me to discover my other dimensions, religious and cultural, and to find a broad sense of belonging. We religious leaders can help our communities to open their minds to this broadening. This will allow politicians to take the steps necessary to build peace.

Musharraf Hussain : UK, Director, Karimia Institute, Nottingham
Since 90% of Britain's Muslims work in service industries, it is a servant community. And it has much spiritual richness. During Ramadan, the 900 people in my two mosques raised £60,000 to help the needy. Dozens of them are active in projects to better the lives of others. Europe has been a great spiritual force in the world, and I believe our Islamic community can help renew that.

Muslims and non-Muslims in the Paris region have met together regularly throughout the past decade. Here (above) some of them described the growing trust between them which, on several occasions, has helped defuse potentially explosive situations.

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