Design concept for 2010 Launch of Caux Call to Action. Image courtesy of NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio. (Photo: [field_photographer-title])

2010 Forum Programme

The Forum will begin at 17.00 on Friday 9 July and finish after the evening meal on Friday 16 July.  Each day will have a specific theme around which discussions and sessions will be coordinated:

Friday 9 July       
Opening of the Caux Forum

Saturday 10 July
Caux Call to Action
Initiated by Clare Short MP, formerly UK’s Secretary of State for International Development, a team is developing a Call which will offer everyone a role in meeting the human security challenges of the twenty-first century.

Sunday 11 July
Healing Memory
The mistrust that was evident at the Copenhagen UN Climate Change conference will only be overcome as we understand the roots of mistrust in national memories of painful wounds, and develop initiatives which can heal these wounds.

Monday 12 July
Just Governance
Speakers will tell of initiatives in which they are involved, which are improving governance, overcoming corruption, and advancing democracy and justice.

Tuesday 13 July
Non-conference day
Visits to places of interest and relevance to the Forum themes.

Wednesday 14 July
Living Sustainably
Global climate change is reaching its tipping point, and we are destroying the earth’s resources. The Forum will hear from people who are pioneering policies and approaches with the potential to overcome this situation.

Thursday 15 July
Inclusive Economics
History suggests that most transformations can be linked to crisis. This is the opportunity offered by the world economic collapse. The Forum will discuss how to grasp this opportunity, led by people working for a more inclusive global economy.

Friday 16 July
Launch of the Caux Call to Action
Throughout the Forum, a working group will draw on the expertise present and the daily discussions to develop the Call and strategic action to implement its ideas. This will culminate in a public launch of the Call.


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