The History of Caux



The Swiss village of Caux became a centre for reconciliation in 1946 when 50 Swiss families bought the derelict Caux Palace hotel and renovated it to create a venue where the warring nations of Europe could meet. 


In the following years thousands came, including German Chancellor Adenauer and French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman. This initiative was described by historians Dougland Johnston and Cynthia Sampson as an 'important contribution to one of the greatest achievements in the entire record of modern statecraft: the astonishingly rapid Franco-German reconciliation after 1945.'

In the following decades many people active in African and Asian independence movements came to Caux. In 1960 Archbishop Makarios and Dr Kucuk, President and Vice-President of Cyprus, jointly sent the first flag of independent Cyprus to Caux ‘in gratitude’.

Since then there have been innumerable gatherings, bringing together people from all parts of society and conflict areas throughout the world. The Caux Forum for Human Security aims to continue and expand this work.








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