Monday, June 29, 2009

The second annual Caux Forum for Human Security (CFHS), 17-22 July 2009, will again seek an honest conversation among those working for peace and human security at all levels, and in varied sectors, worldwide.

Alongside diplomats and UN officials, business and cultural leaders, participants will include those doing effective grass-roots work, media professionals active in human security concerns, experts in climate change, and leaders of civil society organizations.

The challenges which the global community faces are daunting, but they are not insoluble. They do, however, call for a profound change in lifestyles and attitudes, particularly in the developed world. To believe this is possible may be an act of faith, but to believe the challenges will be met without such change is naïve.

Profound changes are possible. Deep-seated enmity can give way to cooperation. Environmental destruction can give way to sustainable practices. Corruption can give way to integrity.

The Caux Forum will seek responses to these challenges under four broad themes:

Dealing with the global economic challenge
Crisis can be a time of opportunity. How can this crisis spur us to create economies and policies which enable the developing countries to thrive and the developed to become sustainable?

Dealing with the global climate change challenge
How can we attain the level of international cooperation, particularly between the developed and developing world, which will enable us to meet the challenge of climate change?

Strengthening the fundamental conditions of good governance — national and international
In many countries, effective governance is under serious strain. What strategies could strengthen the rule of law and encourage transparency?

Deepening cultural dialogue and understanding
A growth in inter-cultural understanding and respect is fundamental to the resolution of innumerable global and regional challenges. Often this growth hinges on our readiness to deal with past wrongs. What strategies will encourage this growth?

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