Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Caux Forum for Human Security is looking for a Project Manager. The job starts no later than mid November, with a workload of 50% monthly until May 2010 and 100% in June 2010. Applications to be sent to the Caux Preparation Group (CPG) until 2 November 2009.

Project Manager

Job description


2008 CFHS Panel with Collin MarksIn an increasingly multi-polar world, major challenges often arise out of the failure or inability of States to meet the basic needs of people.

The Caux Forum for Human Security (CFHS) - a conference that takes place every summer since 2008 in Caux, Switzerland (www.cauxforum.net) – brings together those working to address these needs at all levels, and from varied sectors around the world. It aims to contribute to shifting international political will in favour of policies that prioritize human security. To this end, cooperation is vital between those focusing on different aspects of the human security challenge. Yet the narrow focus of many conferences means that those with overlapping concerns rarely meet. Annual Caux Forums were launched in 2008 in response to this need.

Initiatives of Change is a global network of individuals committed to building trust across the world’s divides. It seeks solutions for global challenges by focusing on the capacity of each individual to bring about positive change in the world beginning with change in their own lives.

Tasks and responsibilities

In this context you will be in charge of building and leading an international team who will organise this forum, which will happen from the 9th till the 17th of July 2010 in Switzerland.

For this, you will:

  • be responsible for the successfull planning, organisation and delivery of the project
  • Work closely with with Ambassador Mohamed Sahnoun, Chair of the Caux Forum, and his Strategy Team to discern specific priorities, the planning and organisation of the annual forum,
  • be a member of the Strategy Team,
  • be the link person with the Caux Preparation Group (CPG), which follows the whole summer program of conferences in Caux, in its content and organisation,
  • have to first design the CFHS organisation team and an accurate and realistic division of responsibilities between the team members (in cooperation with CPG) in order to carry out the project,
  • Make sure that:
    • an adequate organisation team (diversity, right skills for the tasks, so on) has been recruited on time, through a transparent process,
    • there are realistic goals for the Forum event (short, mid and long term, in terms of outcomes and kind of targeted people) and a well described and agreed (among the team) strategy to reach those goals,
    • there is a realistic and agreed action plan with milestones and deadlines, and clear division of tasks and responsibilities,
    • the relationships between the team members and between the team and other stakeholders are clearly defined,
    • the team is responsive to changing priorities agreed by the Strategy Team based on changes in the global situation and actual acceptances to the Forum in response to invitations and to the initiatives of various stakeholders,
    • an accurate budget has been set,
    • everybody has the appropriate level of information,
    • each member knows his responsibilities, his tasks, the objectives he has to achieve, with what kind of level of quality/expectation,
    • an evaluation procedure has been designed and is agreed by the team at the beginning of the project,
    • the evaluation has been done in a transparent way and released to the team and the CPG,
  • Follow the deadlines and make sure they will be respected
  • Follow the budget,
  • Take care of the team, make sure that everybody feels responsible, trusted and listened to,
  • Make proposals of improvement for the next year and for the running of the center of Caux.

Being part of the Strategy team, you will work with this team to:

  • Formulate:
    • overall aims and objectives,
    • global strategy to reach them,
  • Define the means to reach the strategic goals: key people, materials (like the Caux declaration), etc.
  • Identify the profiles of people to be invited to attend, and the appropriate proportions between the different profiles.
  • Make adjustments in strategic goals and focuses in response to a changing global context and to actual acceptances of key individuals and groups.


Fluent in English.

Leadership, well organized, ability to communicate, practical, good negotiation skills.

Related to the strategy team : Reasonable knowledge and experience of the people and situations the CFHS attempts to reach.

Comprehensive understanding of the topics.


Experiences in successful project and team management.


Except during the conference and few days before and afterwards, you can work without having to move from your place. The coordination will be done through emails and skype calls.

You will need to attend three physical planning meetings of about three days (November/December; February/March; May).

Workload :

  • 50% monthly until May 2010
  • 100% in June 2010

Arrival in Caux one week prior to conference and stay approximately 4 days after.


Job starts no later than mid November, since Ambassador Sahnoun will begin developing ideas for the 2010 Forum in September and October.


Subsistence allowance of CHF 1,000 per month

Travel expenses and costs of stay defrayed


CV and cover letter to be sent by 2 November 2009 to Erwan Floch (email here and Marianne Spreng (email here).

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