Friday, January 15, 2010

2008 CFHS Panel with Collin MarksThe organizers of the third annual Caux Forum for Human Security are currently building a conference assistant team to support this summer's conference, which will run from 9 – 16 July, 2010. 

You will find a short description of the 2010 conference as well as the reports of the 2009 Forum on this website.

A letter of invitation, signed by Ambassador Mohamed Sahnoun on behalf of Rajmohan Gandhi, Katherine Marshall, Clare Short and Cornelio Sommaruga, has gone to several hundred people. They include some at the heart of the climate change negotiations, who heard about the Forum from the IofC team at the Copenhagen conference. Acceptances are coming in steadily. Others have written expressing interest, including heads of several international organisations. And interest will grow, especially as Rajmohan and Usha Gandhi intend to make the Forum a focus of their forthcoming tour of fourteen countries.

The purpose of the conference assistants team is to act as a support team to the conference organizers. Primary responsibilities include: preparing conference materials, welcoming and caring for conference participants and delegations, liaising between the conference organizers and various departments of the house, assisting in post-conference evaluations/debriefing, and writing parts of the conference report.

Applicants need to be able to arrive in Caux by the evening of 4 July to prepare, and to stay on until 19 July to wrap-up. Funding will be raised to cover the cost of staying at Caux, but those selected would need to pay their own travel expenses.

To apply, please submit: (1) a cover letter explaining why you are specifically interested in this theme and describing what talents and skills you would bring to the position and what you hope to gain from it; (2) a copy of your resume or CV, highlighting your previous experience in Caux, and/or with Initiatives of Change, your activities related to the themes of the Forum, as well as languages spoken.

Please submit application materials electronically to Caux Forum Project Manager, Janyce Konkin by latest Friday 19 February 2010.



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