An invitation to Plenary Conversations

With an emphasis on conversation and discussion rather than speeches, we hope to facilitate genuine dialogue among a very diverse group of individuals throughout the entire Forum. The format will combine conversation among a panel of individuals active in the field with interactive discussion between all the participants.

Progress towards human security is often blocked more by entrenched attitudes and difficult relationships than by the technical demands. The purpose of the Forum is to address these blocks. We encourage presenters to explore what this looks like in practice, focusing on the inner strengths and blocks that enable or hinder us in our work to promote just governance worldwide.

Sunday 13 July

Healing historical wounds - Where conflict breaks out, unhealed memory is often an underlying factor. How can these wounds be brought into the open in ways that lead to healing?

Monday 14 July

The personal qualities of a change-maker - Many want to overcome injustices in their society. What qualities foster effective action?

Tuesday 15 July

Trust as the key to peace - In any conflict situation, peace depends on the growth of trust and cooperation between opponents. How can this trust be built?

Wednesday 16 July

Sources of strength - The struggle to overcome injustice is never easy. What sustains those who take it on?

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