Saturday, July 9, 2016

Environmental Migration Workshop 

Kristin Weis is a specialist in sustainable development and peacebuilding professional working to improve how we use and conserve the natural environment. She was a 2014 Caux Fellow and is currently earning a Master of Resource Management from the University of Akureyri through the Coastal and Marine Management Master’s Program in northern Iceland. Her research interests include coastal human mobility issues such as environmental migration and coastal tourism trends, and preventative responses for potential international stability threats related to climate change. Her thesis research explores how tourism affects socioeconomic resilience in Dominica. Kristin was a 2015 VIP Fellow for waste management and eco-tourism in northern Malaysia and a 2013 Startingbloc Fellow for social innovation. She is the founder of Roskanet, a project that promotes smart coastal tourism to benefit local communities and their natural environments.

Much of the world’s current migration is caused by environmental change, and this is certain to grow in the coming years. Kristin will be facilitating a workshop on environmental migration at this year's Just Governance for Human Security, she will outline the situation, and discuss what can be done to help those who are being forced to move. 


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