Tuesday, 12 July: Welcome & Arrivals

  • Opening Plenary - 70 year history of trustbuilding and dialgoue The Core of Change
  • Methodologies of conference and the significance of communities towards change.


Wednesday, 13 July: The Challenge of Migration

We will hear from refugees and from those who are welcoming them to their countries.

  • How do we answer the tensions created in the host countries by large numbers of refugees?
  • How can refugees help overcome these tensions?
  • What part can refugees play in advancing sustainable peace in their homelands?


Thursday, 14 July: The Struggle for Just Governance in Business & Community

We will hear from people working to expose and end corruption in extractive industries, in governments, in commercial life.

  • What can be learnt from those working to overcome entrenched corruption?
  • What sustains a person in this struggle?
  • How can such people be supported?


Friday, 15 July: Addressing Root Causes of Extremism

  • The conference will include people from many situations of tension and conflict, often from two sides of a dispute. Some will enter into formal dialogue aimed at discovering paths towards resolution. Some will take part in sessions dealing with other conflicts, led by people working to resolve them.


Saturday, 16 July: The Skills of Trustbuilding

  • Embracing good governance by unlocking new trustbuilding skils, taking active steps and building personal and professional toolkist including mediation skills from the UN, facilitation skills, and learning how to engage in dialogue with one another on amore effective and inclusive level centred on trust. 


Sunday, 17 July: Visions, Commitments, Strategies

  • Plenary session: tying the threads together, launching plans (next steps), networking for action



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