Red/Blue partnering exercise


Based on the ‘Prisoners’ Dilemma’, this is an exercise which has been facilitated with over 2,000 negotiators all over the world. It helps demonstrate whether people have a win-win (cooperative) or win-lose orientation (selfishly competitive) in a situation which offers the possibility of both. In a variety of contexts, the lessons have a broad application for communication and cooperation among multiple stakeholders who have seemingly divergent interests.

John Carlisle, who developed this version of the exercise, will facilitate and debrief each of these sessions. It has had a profound impact on all who experience it and without exception, everyone learns something about their own reactions to a given situation, and how the reactions of others can impact – either adversely or positively – on their own situation. They begin to discover ways that behaviours of others may be predictable and strategies may be pre-planned in order to facilitate positive outcomes for all in a negotiation.


John CarlisleUnited Kingdom, is a retired businessman and academic, he was the Personal Adviser to the UK Deputy Prime Minister on Organisational reform until 2013. He held the Chair of the Leadership Development Institute at Rhodes University, South Africa, and was visiting Professor at the Sheffield Business School until 2013.  He is a Council member of Newman University in the UK. John will be facilitating the Red/Blue partnering excercise, reand more here. His goal at the conference is to meet and learn from activists and to demonstrate the power of effective negotiation in civil society.







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