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Shalisa Hayes is the founder of the Billy Ray Shirley III Foundation in Tacoma, WA where she co-facilitates a violence prevention program and works to groom youth into young #philanthropists while connecting them to resources that help them with daily living activities, such as #academics, lifestyle changes and employment opportunities. As a strong advocate for the safety and well-being of #youngpeople, she has also led a group of teenagers in collectively participating in discussions with a variety of #government leaders in making the construction of a new state of the art community center on Tacoma’s Eastside a reality. Shalisa also founded the Mothers of Magnitude (M.O.M.) after finding herself connecting with mothers who have lost children to youth #violence. With M.O.M.'s she acts as a conduit for a mother's grief (based on her own experience of losing a teenage son to gun violence) while looking to inspire and encourage these mothers to move forward in life after loss. Her mantra: “When he died, he gave me purpose”

Join Shalisa Hayes this summer at #JustGov2017 as she shares her story as a '#Peacebuilder in action' and as part of our #HumanLibrary. She shares on #healing memory and preventing violent extremism #pveCAUX-Initiatives of Change Foundation

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