Shontaye Abegaz | Global Forum Coordinator 

Executive Committee Member, Chicago, USA

Born and raised in the United States, Shon has also lived in Europe and Africa. She has been a devoted volunteer for various organizations since adolescence and her interests include: peace builder, intercultural dialogue, human security and good governance. Volunteer work began for Shon with Initiatives of Change in Washington DC in 2004 where she was immediately struck by the inclusiveness and ‘global thinking’ by everyone she met. Shon was drawn to the focus on the human factor in global change as a unique aspect of Caux and believes it is impossible to tackle the topic of human security without focusing on the human factor. Shon’s contribution to the Caux Conferences began in 2011 with the Human Security Forum. She has since grown with the Just Governance for Human Security forum beginning with its first year in 2013. Shon has held various roles within the forum and currently serves as its global Coordinator.

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United States
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