Human Security as Smart Security

Tackling root causes of hostility

Security is often seen as a matter of keeping the enemy out – with armies and alliances and barricades. This may be necessary but, in the long term, security comes from turning enemies into friends. The Caux Forum for Human Security works for this by tackling root causes of hostility.

These challenges call for new lifestyles and major structural changes in both the developed and developing worlds. These will come through people who move beyond self-interest towards a commitment to the common good, and who work together with others to implement social change. The Caux Forum aims to inspire such a ‘coalition of conscience’ by bringing together pioneers in many areas of human security, and enabling them to tell both of their work and their motivation.

Full speeches

The Challenge to Human Security - Peter Maurer, Switzerland, Secretary State for Foreign Affairs, Federal Government of Switzerland

Towards a responsible decision-making process - Mohamed Sahnoun, Algeria, Founder and Chair, Caux Forum for Human Security, Formerly Special Advisor to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan

The Caux Forum Approach - Cornelio Sommaruga, Switzerland, former President, International Committee of the Red Cross

The History of Caux - Andrew Stallybrass, Switzerland/UK, Director, Caux Books

The Forum in the media

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