The third annual Caux Forum for Human Security

A conversation in Caux, Switzerland 9-17 July 2010

What will bring the world community together in a realistic appraisal of the challenges we face, and a determination to overcome them?

This was the quest of the 350 people from all sections of society who took part in the third Caux Forum for Human Security.

Conversations were shaped around four questions. How do we:

  • overcome the mistrust created by the wounds of history?
  • work for just governance across the world?
  • move our economies and lifestyles towards sustainability?
  • create a global economy that benefits everyone?

The Forum provided an opportunity to learn from those working to answer these questions, and to develop new initiatives.  

The sense of urgency pervading the deliberations is expressed in the Caux Call to Action 2010 which was supported by the Forum.

You are invited to download PDF files of the 2010 Caux Forum Report, the 2010 Forum Description, the Caux Call to Action 2010 and selected speeches.

This was the third Forum event in a 5-year programme, for peace-builders at all levels and from varied sectors around the world.

The Caux Call to Action in Interviews from Caux Call on Vimeo.

Caux Forum Aims
  • To create a learning environment focused on answering basic human needs
  • To build trust by giving attention to historical wounds which rarely feature in international negotiations but often shape the outcome
  • To encourage collaboration between civil society, multilateral institutions and governments in initiatives for peace and sustainable development
  • To develop the potential of Caux as a resource for human security initiatives


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