Robust Analysis.

Honest Dialogue.

Forgiveness and Healing.

A strong notion of justice.

Ambassador Mohamed Sahnoun:

"Caux offers the chance to understand what human security means. The past tendency was to defend one's city, one's nation, one's tribe. In the Cold War, where ideologies seemed clear, there were sharply defined sides. But today, with our globalized world, we need a solidarity that includes everyone.

At present we spend US$1.5 trillion on armaments, but less than US$100 billion on development - 15 times as much to kill each other as to heal. The language of security is often one of power and polarization.

Our purpose is to change that language to a language of human values. We must go to the root causes of the fears that give birth to insecurity. I have experienced insecurity - prison and torture - and that has deepened my conviction that only by talking to one another can we have lasting solutions.

The Caux Forum works to advance this ethical culture through robust analysis, honest dialogue, forgiveness and healing, and a strong notion of justice."

from an interview with Katherine Marshall available in full at

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