Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Dialoguing on East European Challenges and Opportunities


Viktoriia Mryshuk has been recognized as a national leader in overcoming the intense mistrust within project teams made up of representatives including business, politicians, and civil activists. Viktoriia will come to Caux to take part in the dialogue surrounding East European Challenges as a representative of the civil initiative #SwitchOn, based in Ukraine. #SwitchOn is dedicated to the development of a citizens’ network, seeking to shape their own agenda from a local, grassroots level.

Viktoriia Mryshuk leads the projects in the field of youth development including projects such as the Youth Economic Forum and the Young City Council, which have performed new practical approaches to involving youth in local civil community initiatives in Ukraine. Mrs Mryshuk also devotes a lot of time developing and implementing new practices in the field of the co-education, coaching and problem solving within business teams, political groups and civil representatives

Mrs Mryshuk currently resides in Kyiv where she works as the Head of the project The School of Public Management, is an expert at the Institute for Social & Economic Studies (ISES), a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), and coordinator of the civil initiative #SwitchOn, which creates the opportunities for effective interaction between civil society, politicians, parliament and media eager for reform in Ukraine.

The Struggle for Just Governance in Business & Communities

Combatting Corruption for Sustainable Development

Ms. Vdovychenko is a founder of the Institute of Policy and Governance (IPG) in Ukraine. She is a PhD candidate at the Department of Foreign Policy and Diplomacy within the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine as well as a Teaching Fellow at the Kyiv National Economic University. As a young professional pursuing active international engagement in her professional areas, Ms. Vdovychenko is a Ukrainian alumna of the U.S. Department of State-sponsored Professional Fellows Program (PFP), as part of a traineeship at the Connecticut State Senate. In 2015, her project entitled ‘School of Good Governance: Advocacy’ won a grant from the Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund of the U.S. State Department. As an author of numerous publications on foreign policy, history of the EU member-states and European integration, she is an invited moderator and speaker in various international programs and events in Slovakia, Poland, Switzerland, France and Italy.

She will be on #JustGov2016's panel discussing 'The Struggle for Just Governance in Business & Communities' as well as co-facilitating a workshop on 'Combatting Corruption for Sustainable Development'

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