Wadiaa Khoury

Wadiaa Khoury is 30 years old and was born in Zahle, Lebanon. She studied educational sciences at Saint-Joseph University in Beirut before taking part in Action for Life 1, a 10 month IofC leadership training programme in Asia. Since then, she has worked as the Community Service Coordinator at the International College in Beirut. While working, she has continued her studies, completing a Bachelor’s in Law and a Master’s in Public Law. She has been a frequent collaborator with IofC, regularly attending Caux, the international IofC conference centre in Switzerland, while taking part in a number of other activities including the IofC Global Consultation, an IofC Conference in Sydney, 2003, and two British-Arab Exchange Trips. She has a keen interest in building trust across the world's divides, particularly for religious and cultural dialogue. At the moment, she is on unpaid sabbatical leave to deepen her own spiritual and life commitments and to give time to IofC involvement. Wadiaa enjoys taking long drives to reflect on life, the quiet solitude of walking in nature and working and having conversations deep into the night.

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