Workshops 2014

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The focus will be on specific situations which participants are dealing with. Those already planned include:

Meeting global challenges

Led by John Sanderson, former Australian Army Commander and Governor of Western Australia. How will we meet the global challenges we face? Current development models focus on economic growth, while ignoring the longer-term impact on the Earth’s ecosystem. Can lessons be drawn from the past and the wisdom behind our belief systems to help us better promote universal human wellbeing? A report on this workshop can be found here.

Overcoming the ‘resource curse’

In recent years Caux conferences have seen the growth of an intercontinental network of people working cooperatively to enable their nation’s natural resources to benefit genuine people-centred development. In this workshop Farai Maguwu, Director of Zimbabwe’s Centre for Natural Resource Governance, will outline the struggle for justice in diamond mining; and Dr Ekuru Aukot from Kenya and Prof Eugen Sensenig-Dabbous from Lebanon will tell of their action in response to the discovery of oil in their respective countries. 

Ethics and the Media

The International Communications Forum, which now includes the International Council for Press and Broadcasting, will convene three workshops, open to all and of special interest to media professionals.

1. The Media's role in Syria: Lessons from the civil war in Syria. Do opinion formers have a role in promoting peace? If so, what strategies can be encouraged and supported by media professionals?

2. Governments and Press Freedom: Led by William Morris, Chair of the International Communications Forum. This workshop will look at how ethical principles influence professional integrity, and how to enable governments to honour the right to freedom of expression.

3. Media Fact and Fiction: An exploration of how their understanding of ethics influences the way media professionals deal with disinformation, and what to do about the tensions between a journalist’s personal ethics and the goals of media owners. Can the modern journalist have 'absolute honesty' as his or her key principle and what constraints does that engender?

Eastern Europe’s challenge to the West

Among the participants from Eastern Europe will be a wide range of people active in the struggle for the political future of their region. They will include leaders of the Foundations for Freedom programme which is active in Ukraine, Latvia, Moldova, the Russian Federation, Romania and Serbia. They will lead a workshop on the challenges they face.

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