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The 2015 Forum begins July 3rd. Registration Now Open. What does it take to build a strong team? What sustains a person in the struggle to overcome oppression? What skills can help trust to grow in situations of intense mistrust?

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Podcast Series

Listen to our new podcasts to hear about inspiring initiatives of change, led by people from around the world who seek to create human security in their communities, cities and countries!

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2014 Forum

The 2014 Forum took place from 12 to 17 July: Struggles and personal qualities which foster ethical, inclusive governance. Full report here

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About the Caux Forum

Just Governance for Human Security aims to build a worldwide coalition of conscience that recognises the importance of building trust among actors at all levels to achieve meaningful change.

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2015 Caux conference for Just Governance

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Report on 2014 Caux conference for Just Governance

A 12-page report of the Caux conference on Just Governance for Human Security is now available. The report carries extracts from the discussions in plenaries and workshops, including the comments of Michael Møller, Director-General of the UN at Geneva in a plenary on 'Trust as a key to peace'; the Russian-Ukrainian statement which emerged from their joint workshops; and the search for solutions to conflict in the Sahel which brought leaders of Mali, Chad and Niger to Caux.

One of the Sahel leaders was Dr Gali N'Gothe MP, President of Chad's Economic and Planning Commission. ‘My life has been punctuated by arrest and prison,’ he said, ‘and when I first came to Caux I was filled with hatred and destructive forces. As a victim of the regime of Hissen Habre, I was determined to put him on trial. But the exchanges which took place here changed me, and my response to the injustice of the past has also changed. Maybe there is a different way to achieve justice.’

The French-language version of this report is available here >>

YJust Governance Blog

What Tyrants Need to Know March 23, 2015


A Dialogue on Just Governance brought people from 38 countries to Asia Plateau, the IofC centre in the Western Ghats of India, in February. Welcoming the participants, Professor Rajmohan Gandhi spoke of the ‘disappointments, civil wars and cruel violence’ which had followed the failure of the Arab Spring of 2011. ‘But,’ he continued, ‘the human spirit is not weak, and many refuse to give up on their faith in, or hope for, a struggle for justice, for inclusion, and for a voice. The tyrants of our world need to know this.’

Ukraine: why there is hope August 7, 2014

The shooting down of Malaysian Flight 17 over Ukraine may actually open doors for peaceful resolution of the conflict there, suggests John Graham, Director of Giraffe Heroes International. As evidence mounts of their complicity in the disaster, Russia is now thrown on the defensive and any momentum they and their separatist Ukrainian allies had has been stalled, at least for now, as Russia twists and turns in the glare of global condemnations and threats of significantly more painful economic sanctions. This, and the revolting pictures of the carnage of MF 17, should provide both time and support for current peace initiatives.

Guest Post: Fighting for our lives September 14, 2012

Emotions are running high. We have seen a film and listened to Kevin Rudd, former Australian PM and Jackie Huggins, an aboriginal woman, sharing the story about how ‘The Sorry Day’ held in Australia on 13 February 2008 came to be. Kevin, as the then new PM honoured his pre-election commitment to publicly apologise on behalf of the Australian Government for the tragic legacy which British Colonial and then Australian governmental policies inflicted on aboriginal peoples and children. The impact on everyone was profound; more so on those whose communities and nations are still locked in the present-day or recent aftermath of struggle and violent conflict.