Anne Hartnell

Anne was working with young children in England when she read an article in a national newspaper about IofC. She was going through a time of searching for a purpose and meaning to life and at the age of 20 she decided to experiment with these ideas and traveled in the UK with a revue called It's Our Country Jack. She felt a calling to this work and decided to become a full time worker.

In 1970 Anne joined the cast of Anything to Declare as they embarked on their journey beginning in India. For the next 3 years Anne’s worldview changed and expanded as she got to know people in the many countries the revue travelled to.

In 1974 she married Chris Hartnell and they based in Caux, assisting with the summer and winter conference. They also travelled through Europe with a group of 20 young people. Returning to London in 1975 they jointly hosted an IofC home / centre with Michael and Erica Henderson for 5 years.

Early 1981 Anne and Chris and their 2 sons aged 3 and 5 months, moved to Canada with IofC, first to Regina Saskatchewan, then moved to Richmond BC, to host an IofC home and develop links with other Pacific Rim nations. They became Canadian citizens and in 1989 moved to Surrey, BC (part of the greater Vancouver area). For 4 years Anne was Canadian Coordinator for IofC and is currently the BC Regional Coordinator, also assisting with the Canadian web. Anne's passion to connect people as well as encourage them to develop their potential has led her to co facilitate Peace Circles and train in others to join her with this great 'tool' for outreach into the community.

In 2009 Anne became certified in Life Skills Counselling and Life Skills Coaching. She has volunteered on the Crisis line and in a men's transition house providing a listening ear and counselling. She loves being a new grandmother.

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