Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Security in an insecure world

John Bond at the Kiev Security ForumThe Caux Forum for Human Security featured last week in a major Ukrainian Forum. The Kiev Security Forum, hosted by Open Ukraine in partnership with Britain’s Royal Institute for International Affairs and others, brought together 400 people from throughout Europe and beyond. They included many East European political leaders and diplomats.

The Forum, which took place 18-19 April, considered security issues confronting Ukraine, including the invitation to join the European community, and the challenge of diversifying the country’s sources of energy. It also explored the sources of security. As Open Ukraine’s founder Arseniy Yatsenyuk – a former Foreign Minister of Ukraine – explained, ‘The growing interdependence of nations is bringing humanity ever closer to a concept of ethics suitable for the entire planet. However, the fear of freedom, and the presence of dictatorship and selfishness is destroying human development. We need a new architecture of global and regional security inscribed with concepts such as justice, freedom and responsibility.’

John Bond and Harpreet KaurThe organisers turned to the Caux Forum for help with this aspect of the deliberations. One of the four expert papers included in the Kiev documents was entitled ‘Human security in an insecure world – a people-centred approach’. It was written by international relations student Harpreet Kaur, and outlined the Caux Forum’s approach. Plenary speakers at Kiev included Caux Forum participants Senator Bogdan Klich from Poland, Dr Ekuru Aukot from Kenya and John Bond from UK. Harpreet Kaur and John Bond also addressed the youth segment of the Forum.

Many participants wanted to know more about Caux, Initiatives of Change's international conference centre in Switzerland, and some decided to participate in this year’s conferences, whose overall theme is 'Caux Initiatives for Human Security'.

Photos by OpenUkraine.org

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