Monday, January 29, 2018

Dr David Chikvaidze and inaugural graduating class of humansecurityX

The Forum for Just Governance for Human Security is pleased to announce the Honorary Chair of the 2018 humansecurityX programme:

David Chikvaidze, Chef de Cabinet of the Office of the Director-General, United Nations Offices in Geneva

With a firm commitment to the humansecurityX programme’s objectives, Mr Chikvaidze will address and inspire participants to act for a world ‘free from fear and want’, deepening understanding of human security and the threats it faces today.

As one of the longest serving civil servants in the UN system, Mr Chikvaidze brings an unparalleled breadth of experience to the programme. Over the years his work has taken him from Washington DC to the UN headquarters in New York, Geneva and beyond – previous roles have included Chief of the Communications and NGO Partnerships Section Officer at the Office of the High Commissioner, and Humanitarian Affairs Officer for the Office of Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. Mr Chikvaidze holds a PhD in political science and is also a founding member of the Foundation for International Arts and Education.

In his current role as Chef de Cabinet, Mr Chikvaidze represents the director general, overseeing all four entities of the Director General’s office and making him uniquely positioned to offer valuable insight into the role of the UN, NGOs and other actors in the pursuit of Human Security. No stranger to the Caux Palace, the inaugural graduating class of humansecurityX were fortunate to have Mr Chikvaidze present the keynote speech in 2017. In his words: "This is indeed an important mountaintop, not only in Switzerland but in the world, because of the representation across sectors that attends the Just Governance for Human Security Forum. humansecurityX takes the forum one step further and offers the certificate."

We warmly welcome Mr Chikvaidze to the position and thank him for his ongoing contribution to the programme, and to the field of Human Security as a whole.

Interested in taking part in 2018 or know someone who might benefit from the course? Visit our humansecurityX page for more information.

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