Saturday, May 5, 2012

(Photo: Mbindyo Kimanthi)

Cameroon, the land of Promise as they call it, has created an opportunity for passionate African change makers to take stock of what has been the history of Africa, celebrate its potential and build a future they want to see!

The Cameroon Association for Moral Re-Armament/Initiatives of Change (CAMRA/IofC), in collaboration with the African Co-ordination Group (ACG), will from Monday 7th May host the All Africa Conference at the John XXIII Centre in Yaoundé, Cameroon.
Under the theme 'Governance, Leadership and Corruption in Africa-what hope for the Continent's youth?’, participants will explore the dynamism that youth have in creating a brighter future for generations to come. The intention of this five-day event is to draw from the experience of those who have succeeded in tackling governance and leadership challenges in Africa and elsewhere and use their lessons and inputs to mobilize those committed to Africa to join together in endeavours and initiatives to make our continent a place of security and progress for all its peoples. 

The conference will focus on pressing challenges including good governance, youth leadership, women empowerment and corruption. Together with leading speakers, the participants will propose solutions to some of these challenges. The participants have been drawn from different spheres including members of IofC teams across Africa, University students, business people, the NGO world, government leaders, researchers and those committed to making Africa work for the benefit of its people. They will engage in a learning process that will allow them to reflect, refresh, re-energize and re-strategise on how to better reach out to the communities they work in individually and collectively.

Adalbert Ottou-Nguini, Chairman of IofC Cameroon, believes that ‘Africa’s hope for the future lies in the youth!’ He concludes, ‘Let us all carry the spirit that we will win.’

The last All-Africa IofC conference took place in Kenya in 2010 where delegates re-affirmed their care and concern for Mama Africa and committed themselves to be agents of change. The conference in Cameroon is seen as a candle that will spark more commitment and initiatives on the African continent and in particular by IofC in Cameroon. 

The conference will bring together over 100 delegates from more than 10 countries in Africa and friends of goodwill from beyond Africa. This event will also play host to Omnia Marzouk’s first visit to Africa since her election as President of Initiatives of Change- International. She will give the inaugural lecture at the opening ceremony of the Conference on the Role of IofC in responding to the challenges for Africa.

This conference has received a lot of support from different quarters of the Cameroonian government including the Ministry of Arts & Culture, Ministry of Women Affairs and Ministry of Youth Affairs and Civic Education. The conference will end on Friday 11th May.




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