Wednesday, May 11, 2016

UN Presence at Caux


David Chikvaidze, Chef de Cabinet of the Director-General of the United Nations at Geneva, will join participants from over 40 countries at the Caux conference on Just Governance for Human Security, 12-17 July. Many of them are working to resolve conflict in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa, others are dealing with underlying challenges such as climate change and overcoming corruption.

The conference aims to

  • enable leaders and citizens to share the challenges they face
  • showcase examples of strategies that have proved workable
  • develop cooperative initiatives in response to local, national and international concerns 

Case studies will detail effective challenges to corruption in government, commerce and extractive industries. Dialogue will take place between opponents from regions of tension and conflict. Refugees from war zones will lead sessions on ‘Refugees as rebuilders’. Officials responsible for dealing with extremism, and courageous civil society activists, will share their experience.


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